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Deployment Logix has over 20 years of experience serving the Kiosk, Automated Retail, Branding, Medical and Banking Equipment Industries.

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About The Company

Our Mission:

The Mission of Deployment Logix is “Precision Deployment Services”. Not every rollout requires the level of detail and experience we offer our customers. We market our services primarily to those deployers and OEMs that require more than the average logistics company can provide. We focus on those opportunities where the details matter and consistency and quality are paramount. Our strengths revolve around expert planning and execution and a commitment to the success of your deployment.

Service Footprint:

Our company is headquartered in Henderson NV but our service footprint is Nationwide. Our Logistics Network covers every major US market providing the best in local distribution facilities. The deployment of your equipment or technology products will follow the same process control in every region of the rollout yielding a consistent level of quality throughout the project.


Ken Rogers
Ken brings to Deployment Logix 21 years of solid deployment, project management and logistics experience. From 1993 until it’s acquisition in 2011, Ken grew and developed the successful Golden Eagle Nationwide Implementation Solutions as the co-owner, President and General Manager. Ken brings that experience and dedication to Deployment Logix.

“We strive to build trusted relationships with our customers. I look forward to working with you.”
Ken Rogers


The Industries we serve:

  • Kiosk Industry
  • Automated Retail
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing
  • Banking Equipment
  • Digital Signage
  • Retail Furniture and Fixtures

Solution Planning

The success of every project is determined by the strength of the Deployment Plan. Deployment Logix will provide a Solutions Architect to map out a comprehensive strategy and develop processes and controls for its execution. Together we will:
  1. Define all the objectives.
  2. Define the elements to be included.
  3. Create a timeline.
  4. Develop a schedule.
  5. Calculate the logistics.
  6. Identify the risks.
  7. Document the processes.
  8. Establish a communication protocol.
  9. Create appropriate reporting tools.
  10. Collect and distribute completion data.


Deployment Logix can fulfill your Logistics requirements throughout the deployment process. Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Truckload transportation from the point of manufacture or the port of entry.
  • Local staging and kitting of your equipment in our warehouse partner facilities throughout the US.
  • Local scheduled delivery of the products to the identified installation sites.
  • Reverse transportation of any removed “legacy” products.
  • Long and short term storage.


The installation process of your rollout will be carefully planned and executed combining schedule details with the specific scope of work to be followed. In most cases, your products will be sitting in our local warehouses in preparation.

Our dedicated Project Management Professionals will drive, follow and report on the processes from the receipt of your products through the final stages of the installation. We will capture and distribute all completion data per the plan. For many projects, the scope of work can vary from site to site. Our PMs will tract the specifics of each site and communicate regularly with the field installers to insure that the proper tasks are completed.

Value Added

At Deployment Logix, we perform at a level well beyond the average provider and we strive to include all the services your project may require. Some of the services we can include are:

  • Site surveys
  • Site preparation or remediation
  • Equipment staging and kitting
  • Disposal of legacy products removed
  • Long and short term local storage
  • Reverse logistics
  • On-site training for your customers
  • Equipment or product anchoring

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Deployment Logix Inc

920 Twilight Peak
Henderson, NV 89012
Phone: (714) 305-6468
Email: Ken.Rogers@DeploymentLogix.com